Update 0.3

This update contains the following:

  • (Campaign) Added 5 new levels
  • Added a new enemy called War Bird - this enemy only spawns on level 12 or up.
  • The final boss is now here! Capable of decimation with its 6 attacks, this ship will be sure to put up a tough fight.
  • Increased Space Fighter's damage to 28
  • Increased Point-Void Breaker's health to 135
  • Increased Annihilator's health to 150
  • Increased Annihilator's damage to 8
  • Decreased the health of all asteroids to 35
  • Nerfed A-719 Mothership's Torpedo Barrage ability
  • (Campaign) A-719 Mothership now spawns Armored Flying Saucers instead of Flying Saucers on Nightmare
  • (Campaign) Mjolnir's Protective Shield now grants 99% damage reduction below Nightmare
  • (Campaign) Enemy fire rate is no longer affected on Hard
  • Nightmare is more difficult than ever - some alien ships have new abilities.
  • Decreased spaceship prices
  • Redesigned spaceship shop UI
  • Removed quality settings
  • Updated ending credits
  • Added a sparking sound that plays when at 25% health or less
  • Added a item purchase sound
  • Improved controller support
  • Added lights to some enemies and projectiles
  • Fixed a bug where restarting in Endless would load a Campaign level
  • Fixed Mjolnir cockpit having the wrong textures

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